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Volunteer for EPSEF 2021

EPSEF 2021 Needs Virtual Judges! 
For 2021 only (Hopefully!!!), the Eastern Panhandle Science and Engineering Fair has gone virtual.  We need computer-savvy science fair judges who can work remotely to download, review, and evaluate virtual science projects consisting of groups of computer files in a variety of file formats, including: avi, docx, movmp4, pdf, ppt, wmp, etc.   

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How Will Virtual Science Fair Projects Be Judged?

With the virtual science fair, the plan is for students to create and submit a group of several computer files that capture the essence of their scientific research.  At a minimum, this includes an abstract, slide presentation, and a "quad chart."  Students may optionally submit one or more of the following: project video, video demonstration/simulation/animation, research paper, and/or evidence of a lab notebook.
Once the student has submitted all of their work, the science fair coordinators will email each group of student files to at least two judges for review and evaluation. 
There will be no live or remote synchronous student presentations or direct interactions between students and judges.  (Students have the option of recording a video presentation.)  However, judges may submit follow-up questions to students.  (Judges submit questions to the fair coordinator, who forwards them to students; responses will be returned via the same path.)
Judges assigned to the same projects are strongly encouraged to collaborate with one another (via email, telephone, etc.) to evaluate and provide constructive feedback about each project.
Judges will work at their own pace anytime between March 15 and March 26 (tentative) to judge their assigned projects.  
Once all the assigned projects are evaluated, judges will email the fair coordinator with scores and constructive feedback for each project.

Recommended Qualifications:

Experienced science fair judges who are also computer savvy and can work independently.  Must be able to download large files (2-minute video) and view a variety of file formats, including: avi, docx, mov, mp4, pdf, ppt, xlsx, wmp.

Time Commitment/Schedule:

On or before March 15, the fair coordinator will email student project files to judges.  Later in the day on March 15 we will have a Judges' meeting via Zoom (time TBD).  The meeting is expected to last 30-60 minutes, depending on the Q&A that follows.
Judges will have from March 15 to March 26 to review and evaluate each of the projects assigned to them.  In total, Judges should expect to spend approximately 3-6 hours downloading, evaluating, and scoring their group of projects.  This may be done all at once or over the course of several days between March 16 and March 26.  Judges are excused after their assigned category evaluation is complete and verified.


The science fair can be an emotional experience for some students and parents.  As such, EPSEF 2021 is designed to protect judges' identities.  Judges only communicate with students through an intermediary.  Judges are required to abstain from judging any project that might be deemed to present a conflict of interest.

Ready to Volunteer?

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Still Have Questions?

Contact Mr. Shane Price, Fair Director, at d.price@k12.wv.us.
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